May 02, 2024

Congratulations to Ad Age, Automotive News, Green Market Report, Modern Healthcare, and Pensions & Investments for bringing home a total of 20 wins across the Azbees and Neal Awards!

These awards are well-deserved recognition of the unbiased analysis, essential data and insights, and trusted reporting produced by our teams. This approach is what makes us unique in our dedication to deep sector expertise and journalistic integrity, and we’re thrilled to see our teams recognized in such a big way.

Congratulations to all editorial teams who contributed to the wins below!

Jesse H. Neal Awards

Ad Age | Best E-newsletter | Influencer Marketing Newsletter
Ad Age | Best Profile Article | TV’s partnership power broker
Automotive News | Best News Coverage | The UAW-Detroit 3 2023 negotiations
Automotive News | Best Social Media |聽From the Newsroom
Automotive News | Best Range of Work by a Media Brand

Mary Ellen Podmolik | Timothy White Award for Editorial Integrity
The Timothy White Award recognizes exemplary leadership in the face of challenges and pressures that editors face daily. It’s given to an editor whose work displays extraordinary courage, integrity, and passion. The Modern Healthcare team submitted a thoughtful nomination for Mary Ellen, noting her strong leadership through a period of significant transformation for the brand, and her steadfast commitment to delivering vital information, all while battling her own health challenges.

“Mary Ellen is the real deal. She is an intrepid reporter and a hard-driving but fair editor. At her core鈥攊n her bones鈥攕he has a desire to break news. She is a great mentor and amazing at identifying and cultivating talent. But more than anything else, she has been a change agent,” said Modern Healthcare president Dan Peres. “A lot of those things can’t be taught, and the things that can be taught, Mary Ellen is an expert teacher of.”

Azbees | American Society of Business Publication Editors

Automotive News
聽(Silver, Data Journalism)
聽(Bronze, 51吃瓜中心 Profile)
聽(Gold, Enterprise News Story)
聽(Silver, Technical Article)
聽(Bronze, News Analysis)
聽(Gold, Podcast)
聽(Gold, Best Social Media Campaign)
聽(Bronze, Online Single Topic Coverage)
聽(Gold, Print: Regular Department)
聽(Gold, Web Feature Article)

Green Market Report
聽(Bronze, Impact/Investigative)
聽(Gold, Online Industry News Coverage)

Pensions & Investments
聽(Gold, DEI)
聽(Bronze, Microsite/Special Section)