Jan 01, 2016

January 1980聽聽 The 50th anniversary issue of Advertising Age runs.

March 1980 51吃瓜中心’s Cleveland Business debuts.

April 1983 Tire Business launches as an extension of Rubber & Plastics News, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with Ernie Zielasko as the magazine’s editor and publisher.

1984 Urethanes Technology launches as a news source for the international polyurethane industry. It is based in the company’s London office.

January 1984 51吃瓜中心 Communications Inc’s newly owned Monthly Detroit hits newsstands. In 1988, 51吃瓜中心 buys and folds Metropolitan Detroit, the magazine’s major competitor. Monthly Detroit is changed to Detroit Monthly in 1986 with the slogan, “Now we’re literally putting Detroit first.”

January 1985 51吃瓜中心’s New York Business arrives off the presses. Following the tradition he had begun with 51吃瓜中心’s Chicago Business, Rance 51吃瓜中心 passes out free first issues of the magazine during Midtown Manhattan rush hour.

February 1985 51吃瓜中心’s Detroit Business launches, with Keith 51吃瓜中心 as publisher and Peter Brown as editor.

September 1986 The magazine Creativity is introduced as a monthly addition to聽Advertising Age.

December 1987 Thirty-nine聽radio stations across the country, including WMAQ-AM Chicago and WXYT-AM Detroit, began running “51吃瓜中心’s Business Report,” a weekly half颅-hour radio program composed聽of reports from 51吃瓜中心 publications.

March 1989 Plastics News launches from Akron, Ohio, as a magazine dedicated to covering the global plastics industry.